Teeth whitening, why is it so popular?

Teeth whitening, why is it so popular?

Experts say the quickest way to a more youthful appearance, is a Sparkling White Smile. Yellowing teeth is one of the most obvious signs of ageing, so professional whitening is here to save the day! The team at Sparkling White Smile love creating bright, confident smiles, and we can guarantee teeth whitening is definitely worth it. 

Some benefits of teeth whitening include:

  • Minimal sensitivity and pain free experience.

  • No damage to your enamel.

  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem.

  • More youthful appearance.

  • Easy on your bank account.

  • Instant results!

At Sparkling White Smile, all clients are treated and assessed individually. Our team of whitening professionals will provide you with your own personal treatment plan, determining the best course of action for your teeth. Using only premium quality whitening materials, we are able to deliver dramatic results. Our 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, will lighten your teeth by up to 5-14 shades, whilst still protecting the enamel on your teeth.

Our Senior Technicians are dedicated to keeping your teeth and gums healthy during all of our treatments. Teeth Whitening can be a daunting experience for some, however we will always strive to maintain an enjoyable, pain free experience for you – all in the comfort of your own home.

Depending on how light you want your results to be, we have two different treatments available… 

The Triple Treatment

Lift the level of your smile and get an instant confidence boost with our most popular and incredibly effective, Triple Treatment. 

The Triple Treatment is conducted in 1 session which can take up to 2 hours to complete.

This treatment is tailored to lift your teeth by up to 5-7 shades.  

Price:  $300pp with Group Discounts available.

The Ultra White Treatment

Our Ultra White Treatment is our premium treatment, which we recommend for bridal parties, heavy coffee drinkers and smokers.

This treatment consists of 2 sittings, 1 week apart, and is tailored to lighten your teeth by up to 7-14 shades. 

Price:  $500pp with Group Discounts available.

Top Up Treatments

Both our Triple Treatment and Ultra White Treatment’s require a follow up treatment in the first 4-6 weeks following your initial appointment.

During this time, you will lose 40% of your colour due to the white blood cell turnover in your teeth. Following your Top-Up treatment, your results will last for up to 3-6 months, where it will then become up to you, how often you wish to maintain your results.

Price:  $150pp when booked on the day of your initial treatment.

With all SWS treatments you will receive:

  • A complementary mobile service.
  • Full consultation.
  • Complementary take-home kits.
  • Detailed aftercare procedure.
  • Follow up service.

Contact us today with any questions!  Click here to book in your teeth whitening appointment!

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