Spotlight on: AYLBA II

Spotlight on: AYLBA II

If you’ve tried every at-home teeth whitening product around and you’re still not seeing the gleaming Hollywood film star results you were promised, it’s time to go pro.

A professional teeth whitening service is quick (you’re done in under an hour), easy (you just lay there chilling out), and it can produce results that are far superior to anything you can do at home – we’re talking up to seven shades lighter after one treatment, by the way.

But with that said, it’s best to do your research because teeth whitening technology has come a long way in recent years. Machines are now far superior; they’re quicker, they’re quieter, they’re more comfortable and now a lot gentler all-round on your gums and teeth.

Enter Aylba II, the new Rolls Royce of professional teeth whitening by Sparkling White Smile It’s the latest improvement to their already world-class machines to effectively whiten and brighten your smile in as little as 20 minutes.

Here’s the lowdown on what it is, how it works and exactly why you need it…


The AYLBA II Whitening Accelerator features a unique combination of high-intensity LED light coupled with patent-pending ultrasound, which means a double whammy when it comes to results.
When used with Sparkling Whites Smile’s proprietary whitening gel, the Aylba II machine promotes superior shiny white results with a reduced treatment time compared to other systems, which means you’re in and out in no time, without all the fuss.
Oh, and with this machine’s ultrasound technology there’s less sensitivity, something that’s often a deterrent in whitening treatments because of small ‘shock’ pains that clients can endure with nerve sensitivity in their teeth.


Is you thought the Aylba II was a just a teeth whitening machine, you’d be wrong – it’s also acts as an air purifier too!
We know this sounds a little strange (this next bit is a bit science-y, stay with us), but in fact the machine’s accelerators utilise a passive negative ionizer, designed to deactivate bacteria and viruses in the air surrounding it. In layman’s terms, this means less germs flying around while you’re lying there having your glow up.The science behind the ionizer is actually quite simple: it passively produces negatively charged ions that are released into the air. As these negative ions meet contaminants, they attach and give these air particles weight, bringing them down to surrounding surfaces to later disinfect or vacuum. Negative ions are also capable of deactivating bacteria and viruses in the air.So cool, right?


Well, the same steps are followed as a general teeth whitening treatment – with the mouth guard inserted, barrier gel applied to your gums, whitening accelerator gel applied to teeth and an LED device hovered over to work its whitening magic.
This machine offers a full 80-minute treatment for dramatic results, or a quick and easy 60-minute top-up if you’re just wanting to maintain your pearly whites.
The ultrasound function of the machine is actually a citation process that allows the whitening gel to target the enamel more comprehensively in a shorter time frame – meaning less time in the chair for you compared to other professional machines.
There are also multiple applicators, meaning not only can this be done in the comfort of your own home, it also allows two patients to be treated at the same time.

So call all your friends – it’s a teeth whitening party!


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