Salons Are Open! Here’s exactly what we’re booking in for…

Salons Are Open! Here’s exactly what we’re booking in for…

At last! We’re on the flipside of lockdown and ready to beautify. Like seriously, take all our money because this glow up is going to be real and worth documenting in every single way. Don’t get us wrong, the whole DIY beauty thing was great, we learnt a lot, we made some mistakes (hey supermarket box-dye), we perfected removing our own Shellac and we now own a gua sha for every part of out body. But, my god, how great will it be to have someone else preening us?

Here’s just a few beauty treatments we’re locked in for… credit cards at the ready.

We’re guessing after four months of lockdown your faces are looking anything but taught – no matter how much facial yoga you’ve been doing! A little touch of muscle relaxants can fix that, and a few other things too. Did you know you can lift a drooping brow, dimmish bunny lines, prevent a gummy smile and treat excessive sweating with just a few small injections of Botox? They’re not just for pesky fine lines.

One thing we’ll tell you for free – DIY teeth whitening treatments do a quarter of the work that a professional session will do. By all means top up your teeth at home, but book yourself in for a Triple Treatment at Sparkling White Smile now! They even come to you. Using only premium quality whitening materials, SWS can deliver dramatic results, using 6% Hydrogen peroxide, whilst protecting your teeth and making them up to seven shades lighter!

If you want a more pronounced pout without fillers or it looking fake, consider a Lip Flip treatment. Done with a muscle relaxer like Botox, the treatment involves the precise placement of just a few injections along the upper lip muscle, near the border, to relax and ‘flip’ the lip to make more of it visible. This creates a fuller, plumper, but natural appearing upper lip and overall pout.

Ok, so your colour might be faded and your greys and roots more than rearing their ugly heads, but this is a time for true hair revival. We’re talking about following the colour trends for summer, cutting those curtain bangs and embracing Rachel-from-Friend’s layers.

If you need hair-dye inspo, the stylists are all raving on about ‘biscuit brunette’ right now. Named after a sweet treat, the new colour trend defines a style of highlighting that those with dark locks are sure to love in the warmer months ahead.

According to Edwards & Co founder, Jaye Edwards, biscuit brunette refers to subtle biscuit tones that are “created with a simple gloss over your highlights to create a more neutral, deeper colour”. As for the colour itself, it’s essentially a take on the ‘bronde’ trend – a mix of blonde and brunette – but instead emphasising cooler tones within brunette. For brown-haired ladies, it’s not unusual for tresses to become the victim of excessive warmth and brassiness. In order to mute the unwanted warm tones, slices of cooler tones are added to take down the temperature without reducing any depth of colour, which helps to even out the tone.

If your cuticles are dry, your nails haven’t seen polish for months and your DIY gel game is NOT strong, take it to the pros. Change up your usual nude for some colour or nail art like Blake Lively’s or Megan Fox’s recently, because it’s summer, we’re free - and we want to be noticed!

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