Here's how to take the best care of your teeth at home

Here's how to take the best care of your teeth at home

For most of us, the dentist’s chair is one of the last places we want to spend our free time, but occasionally it’s a necessary evil to keep our teeth and gums healthy and dazzling.

However, when it comes to our oral health, a lot of the hard work should be done at home in between our dental appointments. You know, all that tutting dentists and hygienists do over your evident lack of flossing and brushing properly? Yes, we’re talking about that.

We know it’s not as glamorous as new hair products, serums and sparkly makeup, but your dental hygiene should still be a big (read: HUGE) part of your beauty routine. 

We’re so lucky that there are literally hundreds of at-home products, tools and gadgets though to make looking after your own teeth and gums such a breeze. They actually make it quite fun!

So make your dentist proud by trying out some of these at-home tooth care tips and products.

  1. Upgrade your toothbrush
    You might like manual or you might be a total electric toothbrush convert, but when’s the last time you actually changed your brush? If you want a good guideline, the Australian Dental Association recommends switching toothbrushes (or toothbrush head) at least every three months. If in doubt, look at the general wear-and-tear of it – if it’s frayed, mangled and faded – DITCH IT.

  2. Try a water flosser
    Look, we know flossing can be boring, and sometimes just one-step-too-many before you head to bed, but it really is so important. A good floss every day removes food, plaque and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas, and in doing so it helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. 

    If you’ve had enough of same-old nylon floss, treat yourself to a mechanical upgrade – a water flosser! These use adjustable water pressure to literally blast in between your teeth for the best deep clean in a matter of seconds.

    Warning – it will become addictive!

  3. Remove stains
    Who doesn’t want a whiter, brighter smile? At-home teeth whitening has become huge news and the formulas and gadgets just get better and better.

    We recommend going pro first though when it comes to bringing your teeth up to a seriously sparkly level. Something like the Sparkling White Smile Triple Treatment is great for everyone to lift your teeth up to seven shades lighter in just one treatment.

    At home, cut down on seriously staining food like coffee, wine and spices, and incorporate a whitening mouthwash into your daily routine to help ward of annoying discoloration.

    We also can’t rave enough about the SWS Gold Touch Up Pen either. With 18% carbamide peroxide this little whitening gel pen is the perfect addition to keep your teeth as bright as they can in between your pro teeth whitening treatments and have your sparkly results lasting longer.

  4. Fight off bad breath
    You might have the best dental routine in the land, but bad breath can happen to the best of us. A common cause is bacteria in the back of the mouth and throat, but luckily it can be easily fixed with a few gargles of minty mouth-wash morning and night after you’ve brushed and flossed (now that you’re a pro).

    If you’re not a fan of that intense burning feeling from regular mouth washes, choose one that’s alcohol free and a lot more gentle like Oral-B’s Clinical Mouth Rinse. It feels like a warm bath compared to what you’re used to!

No go forth and let those teeth GLEAM!

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