Cut Down Your Time In The Chair

Cut Down Your Time In The Chair

Do you sink into your chair and want it to swallow you when your hairdresser confronts with that dreaded sentence, “So when did your last get a haircut?”
Yeah, same.

Rather than tell them that little white lie that it’s only been eight or nine weeks - when let’s be honest, it’s been about eight months – maybe it’s time we lift the stigma. “Don’t get me wrong, a good hair trim does wonders for the health and condition of your hair, but the whole notion of getting a haircut every six weeks is a really old-school and an irrelevant concept nowadays – especially with all the lockdowns we’ve had,” says celebrity hair stylist Daniel Skinner.

“When blunt, geometric styles were in vogue yes, but now we’re so much more soft and relaxed with our hairstyles we can afford to hold out longer. I’d say a good trim two or three times a year is completely normal.” Phew!

So what’s the key to eking out that short lived ‘salon finish’ for as long as possible?
Daniel enlightens us on the ultimate guide to extending your hairstyle.


Excessive heat and over styling with hairdryers and straightener can lead to hair that looks dryer than straw. Not hot. So it’s time to start making your blow wave last longer. “Styling products are your best friend,” says Daniel. “Go for products with some hold and invest in a good hairdryer with a nozzle to direct the hair exactly where you want it to go.” For curly hair, try a curl lotion and a use a diffuser on a high heat and low speed to set curls.


Damaged hair means dull hair. “It’s time to start thinking of your locks like your prized cashmere jumper or silk shirt, being gentle is key,” says Daniel. “Lower the temperature when you’re showering, use a microfiber towel when wet, brush with a special detangling brush, lower your heat tool heat settings and sleep on a silk pillowcase!” Friction, being too rough and over styling your hair will cause unrepairable damage.


Thank the lord for the return of hair jewellery! Not to be mistaken for those 90s butterfly clips, we’re talking embellished headbands and diamond encrusted clips that double as a fashion accessory too. “Headbands are easy to push back your fringe when it gets too long between appointments,” says Daniel. Failing that, you can fake your fringe being shorter. Spritz with some thickening spray through the fringe and blowdry upwards and forwards using a large vented brush to add volume and lift.


The biggest concern (and reason we seem to spend our life at the salon) is down to split ends. “They’re caused by general wear and tear, and happen all over the hair not just at the ends of your strands,” explains Daniel. If you’ve got a head full of them, a decent trim is of course necessary first, but Daniel says they’re easily prevented. “Invest in great treatments at home, and put some time and energy into ‘pre-pooing’,” (which is pre-shampooing to us mere mortals). Smooth this oil through and leave for 15 mins before shampooing to seal your ends and lock in moisture.

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