Barely There Beauty: Minimalist makeup is on the rise so try these new ways to glow up!

Barely There Beauty: Minimalist makeup is on the rise so try these new ways to glow up!

Guys, the makeup world has taken a turn and we are LOVING IT! Off the back of lockdown the trending looks have become completely minimal; this time trading in the long list of products layered generously over skin, for a real deal light-on-everything look. The no-makeup, makeup concept has slowly evolved through brands creating multitasking products, light coverage foundation and TikTok stars capturing ‘then and now’ makeup trends.
Here’s the new way to do things…

SWAP: Triangle of Youth for Face-lifting Concealer
Forget the triangle of youth (aka applying concealer in an upside-down triangle to cover dark circles), it’s time for a technique that leaves the cheek and under-eye untouched. Apply concealer to the inner corner and outer corner of the eye and blend for a lifted illusion that’s light on camouflage.

SWAP: Winged liner for soft shadow liner
The new alternative to that crisp liquid line you’ve been trying to master is so much easier to apply. Try a flick created with a soft brown liner or eyeshadow for a whisper of a wing that flatters without making too much of a statement.

SWAP: Baking for Dusting
If you couldn’t be bothered piling on a bunch of powder, leaving it to sit and then swiping off the excess, you’re in luck. Baking is currently on its farewell tour and instead, powder is being used minimally again. It’s as simple as dusting lightly onto areas in need of shine control.

SWAP: Highlighter for Blush
Dewy cheeks are having a big moment. Gone is the blinding use of highlighter, and in its place, cream-to-liquid blush is blended to flushed perfection. The key is to apply pigment upwards towards the ears along the cheekbone, rather than your apples. Add a little across the nose to finish.

SWAP: Full Arches for Feathered Brows
A coloured-in brow doesn’t cut it any more so adopt a less obvious approach instead. Simply tint and brush them in place with a clear gel or feature light hair-like strokes to create a fluffy, feathered look.

SWAP: Matte Lips For Juicy Gloss
Kylie Jenner's billion-dollar business boomed during a time when it was a liquid matte lip or nothing. This flat dusty finish doesn't quite fit in with the new minimal aesthetic and as a result, gloss has made a mega comeback. Whether it’s a clear coating or a tinted balm, lips are no longer lacquered in colour that won’t crack.

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