5 Ways to a more confident smile - and life!

5 Ways to a more confident smile - and life!

When it comes to the first thing you notice about someone, we could put money on it that your answer would be their smile. Yep, showing your grin off to the world really is the best accessory (well, apart from your Saint Laurent shoulder bag), and best of all its absolutely free.

We totally get it if you haven’t felt there was much to smile about recently, but for a lot of us cracking a grin isn’t even about our mood, it’s about our confidence in actually showing off our teeth to the world.
You might be surprised that it’s not just us ‘normal’ folk either, celebs also battle with their insecurities too - but in front of a million cameras! Take Bella Hadid for one. In an interview with InStyle, Bella opened up about her experience with confidence issues and the reason she rarely used to smile in photos. "I was always really self-conscious of myself and I didn't like my smile." She revealed. "I thought I had a crooked smile my whole life."

If any of this is ringing true for you, it’s time to take some control back of your happiness and your smiling confidence. Here’s our fast five of cosmetic solutions that can restore your teeth and get your smile back on track…

    There’s a reason why MAC’s ‘Ruby Woo’ lippy has remained a cult favourite over the long years it’s been around: the bright scarlet hue is flattering on most skin tones, and its perfectly balanced blue-based colour makes it the easiest whitening treatment in a tube. Think of it like a colour wheel: Blue and orange/ yellow sit opposite each other, so those blue-based lipsticks naturally cancel out the yellow tones on your teeth when worn. With this in mind, while gorgeous orange-red lippy’s are stunning, just remember that yellow and orange bases tend to bring out similar hues in your smile.

    If you tend to curl your upper lip under or raise it high above your teeth when you smile, there’s a quick and very affordable (approx. $80-$100) solution. According to registered nurse and cosmetic injector Teah Blayden, the cause of a gummy smile can be due to excessive gum tissue and strong or overactive muscles of the upper lip muscle. However, with just a tiny amount of anti-wrinkle injections you can help relax the lip for a more balanced grin. “The treatment is very quick, just one small injection with a fine needle to each side of the nostril. The feeling is similar to a local anaesthetic,” says Teah. Expect results to last a couple of month and in some cases longer.

    If your teeth are looking anything but pearly and white, it’s time to look into teeth whitening. The most simple and cost effective professional treatment that has no downtime and boasts long lasting results for years to come, we suggest booking yours in STAT. What better treat post lockdown? (apart from sorting those roots and split ends, of course).
    Let us brighten up your smile with our signature Triple Treatment and enjoy teeth up to 5-7 shades lighter in no time at all…
    To book a visit from the SWS team click here.

    If it’s bunching, crooked or a gappy smile that you’re most conscious of, a teeth straightening treatment like Invisalign could be the best option to fix it fast, and subtly. If you’re wondering how it works, clear aligners are fitted to your teeth and replaced every week for a number of months to gently move your teeth into their new positions. The cost varies for everyone, but the straight teeth results are worth every penny in our books.

    If fine lines around your mouth are your bugbear, eye cream can fix that! Well, it can certainly help a lot, according to makeup artists around the world. The high potency ingredients in eye creams make them great for hydrating and fighting wrinkles as well as an amazing primer before applying for favourite lippy. Add this to your night-time routine and see the difference yourself.


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